Effective Local Advertising

Effective Local advertising, is there really such a thing in today’s current economy? Many businesses are struggling and seeking for ways to drive more customers into their business without spending more money. Many of them are tired of traditional types of advertising that provides them no quantifiable results.

For example phone books, the average business spends thousands of dollars a year on advertising in the phone book but are they able to tell how many people actually found their business by picking up the phone book? They only get statistics from the people that print them.

The more common local advertising methods are radio, television, magazines and newspapers. Let’s take a look at these a bit closer, radio and television, although somewhat effective advertising methods still, many of business owners ads, that they are paying top dollar for, are not being heard.

This due to commercial free radio such as Sirrus and XM Radio and DVR’s and Tivo’s that people use to fast forward through television commercials. Magazine ads are nice but most of the time too expensive for the small business owners.

So what’s left for the local business owner, they turn to the newspaper. Most businesses turn to the newspaper because it’s easier for them to pick up the phone and call their local newspaper to tell them what they want and have them do it for them.

This provides a easy way to get your business name in print but how does a business owner track their results? What about the cost?? Most businesses settle for simple text ads for a less inexpensive solution or for those businesses with larger marketing budgets they can do full color print ads. Although it is printed and distributed locally it is not really effective local advertising.

What is the average return on investment? Due to the cost of reprinting and distribution the average business owner rarely receives any return on their investment of newspaper print advertising.

Business owners often overlook online advertising through the internet because they think it is too hard to understand how to market their business online. Although the internet has always had the promise of reaching thousands of potential customers for businesses, the local business owners have been swallowed up by the big corporations with huge marketing budgets on the internet.

It simply was not affordable for the average business owner to try to even compete, but that is not the case anymore. Today you can have just as big of a presence on the internet as fortune 500 companies with a huge marketing budget.This effective, affordable solution is easy to use and your business is exposed on some of the most popular search engines and websites on the internet everyday of the month to your local consumers for about the cost of a premium cup of coffee per day.

Source by John J Wolff

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